Club Horse is the world that did not exist before, the world of those who love horses, the world where you feel the emotions that only the horse transmits.

Discover the Club Horse collections dedicated to horses.
Each item is Made in Italy (clothing excluded), handmade by Italian hands for you.
Choose your bag, objects for your home and for your lifestyle.
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Our Bags Collection

Our Bags Collections, Made in Italy, handmade by the Italian hands of our leather masters with the best Italian leather and dedicated to the most elegant animal: the horse.

Each bag is something unique and unrepeatable, the characteristic of high quality craftsmanship.

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For Your Home

For your home take a look at our horses in Murano glass, Made in Italy excellence in the most elegant animal.

Or have your horse painted, or the horse of a loved one, in a precious majolica plate to always have your beloved horse in front of your eyes or for a gift that will not make you forget.

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Clothing Collection

For Your Lifestyle

Here you will find our clothing collection and our jewelry collection, all handmade by Italian hands, all Made in Italy (excluding the clothing collection) and all dedicated to horses.
Wear them and you will let people know that you are part of a special world.

The world of those who love horses.

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you will also have Premium Services reserved for our best customers,
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On our site you will find everything about that wonderful animal that is the horse (but we don’t like to call it animal) but not current news.
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Murano Glass Horses

Where our collections are born

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