Buy a horse

Buy a horse

Buy a horse

How to buy a horse? At Club Horse, the world of those who love horses and their elegance, we want to give advices to those who, like us, love this extraordinary animal that is the horse (but we don’t like to call it an animal) and here we want to give you our advice on how buy a horse. Enjoy the reading.

Buy a horse

Buy a horse. Let’s start

Buying a horse is a great investment, not only economic, and having it takes time, a lot of time, money and a lot of effort but it will give you great, great satisfaction and on this page you can read our tips and suggestions.

To buy a horse you must be sure that you have found the perfect one, suitable not only for you but also for other people who, perhaps, will ride it but, above all, is suitable for what you want to do.

Now let’s see how to buy a horse and, if you find the right one, it can create a long and happy relationship for both of you.

Buy a horse. Some fixed points

Let’s start with some firm and very important points to understand the commitment that a horse requires and the effect it will have on you and also on your family.

First of all, you must be absolutely sure that you want a horse and then find out at a riding stable – better if you visit more than one – by talking to the trainers because they know the world of horses and could be of great help.

They often know of customers who sell horses or are able to get them to find particular horses.

You also need to know everything about handling a horse, including its health and first aid.

On the internet you will find everything you need to know: local laws and taxes, the responsibility of owning a horse, etc.

Once this is done, you need to focus on what is near your home: stables, saddlery, feed shops, veterinarians and farriers, where the horse hospital is and where the nearest horse ambulance is located.

A good veterinarian who knows the horse well is essential because you will also ask him (or her) for advice and it will be necessary that you visit the horse you want to buy well before concluding with the seller.

Buy a horse. Costs

Now you have to calculate how much you will pay for the horse’s accessories: find out about the costs for the saddle, the bridle, the saddle cover, the halter, the muzzle bridle, the mane kit and so on.

Once the total is calculated, add the costs for the maintenance and the costs to transport your horse if you do not have the horse trailer and, if you do not have the space to keep the horse, add the costs of a box in a riding school.

Buy a horse horseshoe

Buy a horse. Don’t forget these items

Food, such as hay and other types of forage, regular veterinary visits, deworming, injections, farrier visits for horseshoes, emergency treatments, lessons, equipment and all necessary medical tests and medicines.

Now you have to find a suitable place to keep your horse, that is a riding school, because keeping it where you live if you have the space is a choice that only those with experience can make and also for this research, if no one can advise you, on the internet you can find everything that your area offers.

Then visit the riding schools you have selected and ask for timetables, costs, nutrition, meet the staff … how would you do if, instead of your horse, you would go to live there.

Choose one that meets the needs of the horse, especially in safety, and that makes you feel comfortable with other people who frequent the stables.

Buy a horse riding school

Buy a horse. Now you have to look for his horse

To continue and understand how to buy a horse it is advisable to make a list of the characteristics of the horse you are looking for.

How “big” must be, gender, age, discipline and training, color, of course the price, the breed and the pedigree.

Then activate word of mouth, which is the best way to find it, with instructors, veterinarians, farriers and saddlery owners who generally have a lot of contact with horse owners.

Buy a horse black horse

Buy a horse. The evaluation

Here too it is necessary to compile a list of things that you will have to ask the owner, in order not to run the risk of forgetting any of them.

What to ask

Ask for confirmation of age, race, medical and competitive history and pedigree.

Don’t dwell on the reasons for the sale: they probably won’t be the real ones but try to find them out by talking to other people who know both the horse and the owner.

On the other hand, it is very important to know the vices or bad habits of the horse such as biting, kicking, opposing or refusing, to know the horse’s management up to that moment and the safety records such as the microchip.

Finally, two other things: if the equipment is included or can be bought by the owner himself and if the horse has problems traveling, this is important if you want to participate in competitions.

Buy a horse Gallop

Then a final check: through the Sports Federations check if the victories that the owner boasts are true and, if the horse is marked, you can know if it has been stolen by looking in the database of stolen horses of your country.

Buy a horse. Visit the horse at least twice

At the first visit, try to arrive a little earlier than the agreed time to see how the horse is treated in the box.

Then ask to see him in different situations, based on what you want to do with him and what the horse can do, according to the owner.

Ask, for example, to be able to see him mounted by him, by a child, in traffic or in the pen or with other horses.

If you like the horse, pay a second visit but be accompanied by an experienced friend or a professional.

Buy a horse white horse

Now it is time to buy a horse, your horse

Before paying, find a vet to visit the horse. It is expensive, but many insurance companies ask for a certificate.

It is important to know the horse’s diet up to that point because, if you want to change it, you will have to do it gradually, over a week or two.

Buy a horse and baby

Now you and your horse have finally arrived at his new home

First of all you have to allow him to adapt to the new environment calmly and be careful when he approaches him to other horses: it will take more than a week before he feels comfortable.

Give him space but, above all, never make him feel abandoned, never leave him alone.

Find him a friend, a cat, a goat … Horses are very sociable and it is almost a crime not to allow them to socialize.

Buy a horse and cat 2

The (latest) advice on how to buy a horse

Remember that buying a horse is not done in one day. It will take days, weeks or even months and not fall in love with the color of a horse because good and less good horses are of all colors, beauty does not matter if the horse is not suitable for you and only beautiful horses are also the more expensive.

Have a friend or instructor ride your horse, people who can help you find the one that’s right for you.

If you buy a horse for your child do not get it just because it is small but make sure it is well trained and suitable for a child and also remember that a good horse lives a long time.

Buy a horse. What you will need

  • First of all a great, immense desire to have a horse all to yourself and a deep passion for horses.
  • Parents or partners who want you to have a horse.
  • A quiet place to keep him, where the horse will not be disturbed, suitable for riding and friends for him.
  • Feed and feeding equipment.
  • Complete equipment to mount it.
  • Hair and mane treatment kit.
  • A trainer or someone who knows the behavior of horses.
  • The economic availability to have and take care of a horse.
  • A good vet and a good farrier.
Buy a horse sunrise

Buy a horse. Where to go next

We have come to the end of our advice on how to buy a horse, we hope they will be useful to you and in these pages you can read our advice on where to go horseback riding in the most beautiful and elegant places in Italy and beyond.

Horse riding in Tuscany Firenze

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