Falabella Horse

Falabella Horse

Falabella Horse
The smallest horse in the world

Falabella Horse is a miniature horse but it is not a pony, as it is often confused, even if the perfect proportions and conformation are decidedly different from the ponies, and it has all the typical characteristics of a horse of normal stature: they are only reduced and compared to its size

For more than 150 years, the Falabella Horse Breed has been bred in the Recreo de Roca Ranch in Argentina, owned by the Falabella family, from which the Breed takes its name.

Falabella Horse 3

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The history of the Falabella Horse Breed

The history of the Falabella Horse Breed is fairly recent and begins in 1845 when Patrick Newell, an Irishman who emigrated to Argentina, saw horses a little over a meter tall along with other normal-sized horses, all owned by some Indian tribes, drinking on a river.

These Indian tribes used to bring their leaders to water in the river that ran right through Newell’s property.

Intrigued, Newell went to talk to the chieftain to buy some of these little horses and it was explained to him that those horses were suffering from a disease that they called “the dwarf’s disease” and that therefore he could take them without any problem.

Newell did not let himself be prayed for, took some specimens and started working on the breed and, as early as 1853, he could be proud of having created a new breed with very well-defined characters.

Falabella Horse 2

After the…

After the death of Patrick Newell the project of the Falabella Horse was carried out by his son-in-law, Juan Falabella, a man with great experience on how to breed the new breed

Juan made several crosses with other breeds of horses, also introducing lines of English thoroughbred (naturally chosen among those with the smallest stature possible), Ponies Shetland and the Criollo Horse, a local breed that has developed in the wild by natural selection.

At the beginning of the 20th century the development of the new breed was conferred on Emilio Falabella until 1927 when the whole breeding of the Falabella Horse passed to Julio Cesar Falabella.

Julio Cesar began to keep a precise record of the genealogical tree of all his Falabella Horses, specifying all the blood inputs and managing the characteristics he wanted to become effective in the new breed.

In this way…

In this way, while the “the dwarf’s disease”, as it was called by the Pampas Indians, kept its dominated gene characteristics intact despite several years having passed, Julio Cesar introduced the bloodline of the Appaloosa breed, origin of North America, which diere origin to the spotty coat.

Falabella Horse 5

Julio Cesar also crossed the Falabella Horse with the Hackney horse breed.

To guarantee the rarity and value of the breed, Julio Cesar wanted to sell only very few specimens to a few and select customers, among which the then President of the United States John Fritzgerald Kennedy stood out.

Falabella Horse and boy

The purebred Falabella Horse…

The purebred Falabella Horse must not exceed 85 cm in height at the withers.

The foals, which do not exceed 40/43 centimeters shortly after birth, in the first year grow very quickly reaching almost the height of an adult Falabella horse.

The head of the Falabella Horse is very fine and characterized by an almost smooth and straight profile, the eyes are cheerful, very lively, while the ears are always very careful.

As you can easily imagine, his limbs are decidedly thin with small and rounded hooves.

Falabella and box

The only difference…

The only difference from the horse of normal stature, in addition to the size, are the ribs and vertebrae in a smaller number.

All these features mean that the Falabella Horse is not, of course, suitable for the saddle but it is ideal as a company because it is very docile and gentle, gentle and is a good jumper to keep in the garden but absolutely not at home!

Falabella Horse 6

It’s a breed …

It is a long-lived and robust breed, it is not afraid of the cold and is happy among the people but becomes “sparkling” when it is in its own herd with the females.

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Falabella Family

Mrs. and Mr. Falabella

And now..

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Shire Horse 3

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