Horseback riding on Como Lake

Horseback Riding on Como Lake

Horseback riding on Como Lake

Horseback riding on Como Lake, in one of the most beautiful and elegant lakes in Italy, is one of the proposals of the Horse Club that always offers the best to those who love horses and their elegance.

Horsebak Riding on Como Lake The lake

A little town overlooking Como Lake

Como Lake

Let’s start with some curiosities: Como Lake is the deepest lake in Italy, has been the favorite of aristocrats since Roman times until today and remains one of the most privileged tourist destinations to the point that, in 2014, the lake was defined the most beautiful in the world by the online newspaper “The Huffington Post” for its unique climate and its prestigious villages and villas.

Como lake and boat

A boat on Como Lake

Horseback Riding on Como Lake. What you might need

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On horseback riding on Como Lake, but first …

Before on horseback riding on Como Lake, we invite you to get to know the beauty of this magnificent lake to decide where to make your magnificent and relaxing horse ride.

Let’s start with a visit to the city of Como, which gives its name to the lake, with its magnificent monuments and its beautiful historic center, with suggestive and unique views and, if boats and hydrofoils are an excellent idea to admire the coasts from on the lake, from Como you can use the funicular that connects Como to Brunate and enjoy a wonderful panorama.

Opened in 1894, the funicular journey is rather short.

Horseback Riding on Como Lake Funicular

The funicular

It starts in the tunnel and continues outside with two small carriages that climb for just over a kilometer and, in about 7 minutes, overcoming a vertical drop of about 500 meters with slopes up to 55%, you get to Brunate, a pleasant place for vacation called the balcony of the Alps for the panorama that can be admired from Como to Monviso and Monte Rosa.

Unique in its kind throughout Europe, it is among the most famous and exciting attractions in Como.

Now we leave Como and …

We leave Como and head towards the elegant and fascinating cities on the lake such as Cernobbio, whose name derives from an ancient Cluniac convent built around the year 1000, famous, as well as for its enchanting landscapes, for the wonderful Villa Erba, built in 1898, and for the magnificent 16th-century Villa d’Este (renamed by the Princess of Wales, Carolina of Brunswick, in honor of her alleged Este origins) and transformed in 1873 into a luxury hotel with princely furnishings and a beautiful Italian garden with lake view.

Horseback riding in Como Lake Cernobbio port

Cernobbio, a jewel on Como Lake


Called the pearl of Como Lake Bellagio, a fascinating city famous for its enchanting position and the beautiful historic center, is an exceptional tourist resort that stands on the tip of the promontory that separates the lake into the two branches towards Como and Lecco in an extraordinary landscape.

Its historic center, an ancient village of great charm, is characterized by colorful houses, picturesque alleys, characteristic stairways and ancient churches and, between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, noble and wealthy bourgeois built very luxurious villas here and in one of these, Villa Melzi, Napoleon Bonaparte was also a guest of Count Melzi d’Eril.


Villa Serbelloni

Emperor Francesco I, Kaiser Guglielmo and Alessandro Manzoni remained in the ancient Villa Serbelloni, immersed in a spectacular terraced park made up of paths, clearings, exotic plants and many rose gardens. Today the villa belongs to the Rockefeller Foundation in New York, which has made it a center of studies and conferences.

Comacina island

Comacina Island, unique on the lake, is a place of great charm where history, nature, art and archeology intertwine in the luxuriant nature around the remains of the fortified citadel, first Roman and then Byzantine, and where they are located between 1936 and Nel 1940 The artists’ houses were built, three houses to host, for short periods, internationally renowned artists in search of inspiration.

Horseback riding on Como Lake Comacina Island

Horseback Riding on Como Lake. Where to sleep

In this lake, perhaps the most beautiful lake in the world, we have chosen three hotels for you, but the whole lake offers many solutions and you will have no difficulty finding the hotel you are looking for.

Horseback Riding on Como Lake Villad'Este

We can only start with the Villa d’Este Hotel (in the image) for centuries the home of the aristocracy, after princesses, marquises, sultans and tsars, since 1873 it is an elegant five-star resort, one of the most famous charming hotels in the world.

In Bellagio the Hotel Belvedere where five generations of sensitive and tenacious women have preserved, refined and handed down this dream in the history of a family, from mother to daughter or at the Hotel Bellagio in the heart of the historic center near the lake and the ferry pier,directly accessible from the main square of Bellagio via 38 stone steps, the hotel welcomes you within walking distance of shops, cafés and restaurants.

Horseback Riding on Como Lake. Where to go?

Now that we have told you about Como Lake, you need to choose the places you want to visit with your horse or by renting a horse in one of the many equestrian centers in the area.

To be sure you have the best you can visit the official website of Fise Lombardia.
On this page, by selecting the province “Como” you will find the equestrian centers in the area who will be able to advise you on the itineraries and the most suitable horse for you.

Our advice

After the horseback riding on Como Lake why not take some beautiful horseback riding in Tuscany, one of the most beautiful regions in Italy. Tuscany awaits for you.

Horse riding in Tuscany Firenze

Horseback riding in Tuscany

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