Maremma Horse

Maremma Horse

Maremma horse. The origins

The origins of the Maremma horse have their roots in the territory of the ancient Etruscans in the Tuscan-Lazio Maremma and, since then until the mid-1800s, the breed has maintained the same initial characteristics as a stocky, strong and shady horse.

Around 1870 he began to cross it with more gentle and slender looking horses and, thanks to the English Thoroughbred, he came to what is commonly called the new generation with the birth of the stallion Fauno, in 1902 in the royal stables of San Rossore, in Tuscany.

The Maremma horse and the English Thoroughbred horse

The English thoroughbred as well as softening the squat and rustic figure of the old Maremmano horse has also increased his stature and neurility.

English Thoroughbred

English Thoroughbred Horse

Like all equine breeds, the Maremma Horse has also undergone further modifications dictated essentially by man’s work and war needs, risking extinction in the years following the Second World War but, thanks to the will of the Tuscan and Lazio breeders, it has managed to maintain your identity.

Maremma Horse

Maremma Horse

Maremma horse. Moreover…

Maremma horse breed has also guaranteed a future with the foundation of the Breed Association and the creation of the herd book which has allowed the whole population registered in the herd book to be brought back to four stallions currently recognized as progenitors of the breed: Otello (Maremmano born in 1927), Ajax (English Thoroughbred, 1926), Ussero (Moscati breed, from the 1920s) and Ingres (Thoroughbred, 1946).

Maremma horse is a horse that …

Maremma horse is a horse that has always been bred in the wild in often difficult environmental conditions and, also for this reason, has retained its rustic and frugal qualities over time.

Versatile and reliable, it is the cowherd companion for the government of cattle (Butteri) but it is also a sport horse capable of achieving important results in competitions, it excels both in horse riding, trekking and walks for both adults and children.

Maremma Horse Butteri


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