It is with great pleasure that we host the “whim” collection, little horses to be collected by the Italian artist Sergio Milani.
Different lines for the anatomical profile of the horse that follow a dedicated theme that is interpreted differently in each, creating unique works.

The idea of creating art toys, little horses in painted wood, stems from the artist’s desire to create works aimed at the wonderful world of the horse and the collector of original works because the art toy acquires value over time.

The Artist’s idea of transforming a toy into a painting or a sculpture is very interesting, an invitation to adults to educate children in art from an early age, with works that are more understandable to them.

The little horses to collect are handmade using only fine woods and, normally, the decoration is done with diluted watercolor and pad developed on the two sides of the horse, sometimes with two different scenes, sometimes with the same composition but with different chromatic accords.

Mane and tail are always finished with 22 Kt gold leaf to give light and prestige to the composition as a whole.
Each work is authenticated with a lacquer wax seal and accompanied by a certificate of authentication with photo, catalog number and the artist’s handwritten signature.

They are little horses created with the most carefree artistic freedom and without time limits, which in addition to highlighting the artistic handwriting, the creative, technical, emotional and psychological characteristics of the artist, have a soul that attracts the attention of the observer and invites him to a more careful cognitive observation, giving pleasant sensations of serenity, joy, tenderness and affection.

The artist’s works are perfect for a gift as a reminder of important moments in life, of affection for loved ones, works of prestige to give color, light, joy and life to furniture, objects created to be desired and respected as not used for fun but for their cultural and educational function.

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