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Like Dressage, the bags in our splendid collection are a perfect balance of elegance, precision and beauty with an obsessive attention to detail.
Dressage is poetry in motion, like every bag in our iconic collection, Made in Italy, handmade by long-time Italian master leather craftsmen using the highest quality Italian leather.
Each bag is something unique and unrepeatable, characteristic of high quality craftsmanship, and will be at your home in total safety and without shipping costs.
A collection dedicated to timeless tradition and if you want to write to us:
The whole collection will be online very soon. Come back to see us.
We always respond. Thank you, see you soon.

Dressage Collection

Dressage 3 Bag


Dressage Collection

Dressage Iconic Bag


Dressage Collection

Dressage Round Handle Bag


Dressage Collection

Dressage Shopping Bag