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The embroidered Club Cavallo Italia brand, the phrase or image of a horse on our cloth will say that you are part of a special and extraordinary world.

The magical and unique world of those who love horses.

Our clothing collection is our only collection which, for now, is not Made in Italy but is made for us by a company whose cloth quality and correctness we know.

We offer you our collection with the Club Cavallo Italia brand, our historical brand, where we were born, and our collection with the most beautiful phrases and brilliant images of horses.

Important: Due to Covid-19, delivery times may be slightly delayed at this time. I’m sorry, thanks for your understanding and stay safe.

For information write to or ask in the “More information” box at the cashier. We always reply.

We will ship each item to your home in total safety and we will offer the shipping costs.

Thanks again and see you soon. Your visit is always very welcome.